Autumn Equinox is marked by the Sun’s entry into Libra (Sept 22nd). It’s a time to take stock, slow down a bit, smell the air (green chile for us lucky ones), and notice that blue sky.  A Libra new moon can give Autumn a gentle push down the path.  Libra likes harmony, beauty, and balance above all and steers away from any conflict.  Confrontations can produce a certain passive/aggressive trait for Libra.  Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, which is currently retrograding in a much more intense and not afraid to confront Scorpio.  Scorpio Venus wants a gut level relationship which can move into ego and power trips. Venus retrogrades back into Libra for November (beneficial for Thanksgiving with difficult relatives/friends) and goes direct November 16th, the same day Mercury goes retrograde. (we’ll discuss that as the time approaches).  Venus is back in Scorpio Dec 2nd into early January.  Venus relates to love, all relationships, money, and is generally known as a beneficial planet.  This Libra moon try to take a different look at all your relationships, current and past.  Libra is the scales “I balance”.  Libra can at times lack the ability to rationally choose/decide.  This new moon is a good time for reflection, maybe some clarity, and acceptance without judgment.


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