This Taurus New Moon may bring a welcome bit of calm to the insane frenzy of the current Mercury retrograde. I’m sure everyone has a story. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony, love, balance, beauty. Taurus is a sensuous sign, it favors stability and is not a real fan of change. It prefers the familiar, the secure. Taurus is grounded in the physical, is a builder, determined and can be most stubborn. The Taurus Moon loves pleasures, usually of the tactile variety, likes its comfort and security. It is loyal but not necessarily totally non promiscuous. This Taurus moon is the perfect time for the Mercury retrograde practice-stop whatever you are doing and take three conscious breaths. Bring yourself back to the present and appreciate and enjoy the moment. Mercury goes direct May 3rd but give it the shadow week until May 10th. Taurus Sun remains until May 20 for support. Keep breathing.


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