Fat Full Moon tomorrow, along with love it or hate it Daylight Savings. Moon is in Virgo. Virgo can be a pain in the butt, controlled, disciplined, always wanting it all to be perfect (although a Virgo can also be the ultimate slob). Ruled by Mercury Virgo is intellectual, analytical, pragmatic and precise and wants to set things right. Virgo is also care with purpose, it leans toward service to others, happy to help you if you help yourself. Pisces remembers our spiritual connection to each other and to the universe. It is sensitive and caring, knowing we are all one and just does not understand conflict. Pisces has little interest in control or figuring out how to fix a mess. Neptune rules Pisces and it can be a bit of the martyr and suffering may be a part time job, until it changes moods again. Pisces is love and peace even if your socks don’t match.


Full moons are an opposition-Moon opposition Sun. With oppositions it’s all about finding your balance between the two. You may need to see-saw a few times to get there. This Moon is a good time to let go of what you don’t need rattling around in your head and to embrace your emotional center.


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