We have a big fat Full Gemini Moon tonight, encouraging us to go off in 10 other directions while that Sagittarius Sun says stay steady while I shoot my arrow toward the truth. Fits right in with the current wackiness.
AND, we are in the shadow week for Mercury retrograde. Yes, it’s that time again, so special during the holidaze when trying to make choices and decisions. Just have to go with whatever flow you can find. Interesting the Electoral College meets on the exact day Mercury goes retrograde, Dec 19th-dare we hope for a miracle meltdown?
The run is Dec 19- Jan 8 but account for the outside shadow week until the 14th. We are retrograde in Capricorn, a standard bearer of good sense and no nonsense and practicality. No clue as to how this will play out. Good luck out there. I have no idea where you left your list, or your glasses.

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