My 2016 intention is to get back to my astrology work. I’ve been working as a paralegal for a non-profit for a year now and my astrology work has been in spurts. I should be able to multitask on a more consistent basis. So please look for more planetary posts on my Transitions Astrology fb page and here and hopefully enjoy what you find…………….

****Mercury retrograde/January 4, 606am MST – January 25, 250pm MST

(Plus the shadow week before stationary retrograde and the shadow week after stationary direct-so it’s all of January)

What better way to begin the New Year than with a Mercury retrograde. But no moaning. This retrograde is in the sign of Capricorn. Some keywords for Capricorn are patience, accomplishment, organization, structure, personal responsibility Retrograde planets turn their energy inward, Mercury represents communication, thought processes, language. So this is an opportunity to make this Mercury retrograde truly beneficial; a time for inner organization, evaluation, restructuring, making plans, sensing new intentions. Of course there are still the possibilities of communication going awry and your flight being canceled and the laptop dying. Standard Mercury retro antics.

The focus will vary depending on which house of your chart Mercury is transiting. Pay attention to which area of your life is most affected. Keywords for houses are:

1st – personality, appearance, physical body, health & vitality, “this is who I am”

2nd- finances, resources, our “stuff”, values & ethics

3rd – communication, immediate environment, siblings, neighbors

4th – home (physical and inner home), family, private space, real estate

5th – fun, creativity, speculation, children, love affairs, self expression, feel good house

6th – job (as opposed to life’s work), responsibility, health, routine self maintenance

7th – relationships- one-to-one, contractual, marriage, house of open enemies

8th – other people’s resources, death, taxes, emotional & soul security (some think sex)

9th – higher thought, learning, spirituality, travel, exploration, personal growth, dreams

10th – public self, career, recognition, life path

11th – friends, people you hang with, associations, networks, house of hope & wishes

12th – unfinished business, time alone house, what is hidden (I call this house the closet where we toss all the stuff we don’t want to deal with), the unseen, the psychic and the spiritual


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