This month’s Scorpio New Moon has some interesting additions.  At 5:57am the Sun enters Scorpio, followed by Venus at 2: 52pm and then the Moon joining both at 3:57pm, with a partial Solar Eclipse.

This is a strong dose of Scorpio which may cause some the heebie jeebies and drive others to the shops for that weird Halloween costume, or both.  I offer a few words about the often misunderstood and maligned sign of Scorpio:

Symbolized by the Scorpion (the sting only if pushed too far), the Eagle that soars distant and above the fray  and the Phoenix, rising again from its ashes.  From personal experience I will say that the Phoenix phase can get tiring as one ages.

Scorpio is fixed water and emotions run deep.  They would rather be silent if the truth cannot/should not be spoken; they are tenacious, ethical and determined; transformative, intense and usually not interested in idle chit chat.  Scorpios want to know what going on under the surface.

When the moon is in Scorpio there can be impatience, suspicions, a bit of moodiness and also some interesting and satisfying and relatively intense encounters with others.

Venus is the planet of relationships, all types, so you can expect more of those intense encounters for the next month.   I always found it interesting that major elections are held in November with the Sun in Scorpio.  Perhaps it is with the hope that people would investigate and consider before voting.

And as a reminder, Mercury is retrograde until the 25th but the shadow week will carry it through the end of the month.  Stick with current projects, give yourself extra time to find your keys and give everyone some slack, especially yourself.




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