Leo New Moon/Saturday July 26, 2014 at 3:42p PDT

This new Leo moon will be joined by Jupiter, which just rolled into Leo last week.  New Moons are new beginnings.  Jupiter represents opportunity, growth, consciousness expansion, enthusiasm and excess.  Leo is warm, caring and generous, a shade dramatic, creative; an honest soul who enjoys the limelight and desires to be appreciated and liked, preferably by everyone.   When the Sun transits in Leo it is kind of the last blast of summer, the end of vacation.  A Leo new moon can offer affection and recognition.  It’s a time of enjoyment and warmth and to show kindness to others.  It’s also a time to strut your stuff and impress the crowd.  Leo does like to show off just a bit.  Jupiter is generally known as the “luck” planet and most Jupiter transits are beneficial.  But another keyword for Jupiter is excess.  It may be difficult for some to accept limitations.  There may be a tendency to over extend and over commit.  Just think before taking foolish risks.  It’s easy to get into that head space of really believing you are as young and agile as you think you are (some of you may be, but still be aware).   Above all enjoy, enjoy.  Leo does like to have fun.

For additional perspectives check out www.mooncircles.com.


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