It’s “think before you act” time.  Progress with projects and goals may hit a few bumps, stall or even change direction.  Don’t freak out or get discouraged.  Mars is forceful energy-use this time to listen to what your inner self is telling you before acting.  A considered response usually trumps a reaction.

Mars retrogrades about every two years.  It is the energy and action planet; it represents courage, drive and movement.  During this time you may be confronted by the emotional side of challenges you face and you may be highly sensitive to conflicts, disagreements, and power trips.

When planets retrograde their influence/energy tends to turn inward.  Mars retrograde can be a time to withdraw, rethink, and regroup when faced with anger, aggression, or just an impasse.   With these can come fear and most of us have an auto response to fear, but now may require a new way of looking at and dealing with these feelings.  It can be frustrating or useful or both.  You choose.


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