Mercury Retrograde: Stationary retrograde in Scorpio, Oct 21 @ 3:29AM  to Nov 10 @1:12PM PDT

Many of you can feel the retrograde shadow week-life isn’t clicking along like usual, you’ve lost your list, again.  The shadow week before is the reminder that thinking patterns are changing and the week after is kind of a review and re-entry.

When a planet goes retrograde, the energy of that planet goes inward instead of outward.  Mercury is the thinking and communications planet, the messenger.  You may think you’re having a clear conversation with the plumber when in fact you’re talking to yourself and he has no idea what you are saying.  You are turning your communication inward, to you.  Mercury retrograde can produce a lot of annoying little hassles.  But it is a time to slow down and listen to your inner thinking.  What have you been saying to yourself that you haven’t heard?  This time Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio-small talk may seem just that, small.  Scorpio wants the truth, from the gut.  It wants to know what’s really going on.  This could make for some interesting conversations.  Make friends with Mercury retrograde, it’s going to happen every 4 months.  It’s a time to slow down and listen to your inner conversations, just not while you’re driving.  Patience, patience-never my strong suit but I’m learning.


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