Roller Coaster/Jupiter opposition Pluto-both square Uranus

If you have been/are experiencing chaotic, ground shaking, upheaval-join the club.   This has been around for a while to varying degrees.  Jupiter is expansion, growth, also excess and the ability to blow things out of proportion.  Pluto is death and transformation, rebirth-the ability to knock the floor out from under you and demolish the unnecessary.  Uranus is the sudden, unexpected, out of the blue-it will push your envelope and pretty much demands change.    This can produce some high drama.  But once you’ve picked yourself up after being blown away you can use all this energy for substantive, needed change.   Some of what happens can be kind of ugly, some of it beautiful, a lot of it confusing and just moving too fast.  It’s a cliché, but REMEMBER TO BREATHE.   Slow down, though it will probably require a lot of effort.   Jupiter is the faster moving planet and will be moving past the unpredictable Uranus by the end of August.  Then we will just have to deal with the gut wrench of Uranus/Pluto square through April (and a poke again in Jan 2015).  The houses where these planets sit in your chart are your own personal heavy drama/change arenas.  Might be a good idea to find out where that is……just saying…..but this too shall pass-buckle up.


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