The New Moon begins a new cycle.  It is the seed of the beginning lunar cycle.  Where your attitude is now will influence the coming lunar month.  This month is Leo – generous, glamorous, warm, spontaneous, creative, on fire with the Sun.   Leo – the actor, lover, leader, child.   This new moon bring some of Leo’s positive energy into your world.  Kick those projects into high gear. This is a time of ambition and independence so don’t be afraid to show others who you are and what you can do.  With a Leo moon we want romance, appreciation and to be admired.  Leo can be a bit of a drama queen and it may be necessary to employ a bit of restraint to avoid an ego meltdown.  This is a time of enjoyment and warmth and to show kindness and generosity to others.   Have fun, enjoy life, keep an open heart.


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