Today we had a full moon in Aquarius pretty much simultaneously with the Sun entering Leo.  A Full Moon usually means the apex of the matters at hand-what we began July 8th at the Cancer New Moon should be showing some results.   Aquarius is fixed air and Leo is fixed fire.  Air is intellect, fire is action.   Ideas and plans at the last new Moon should be in action now, showing some results.  The full moon is a time of ripening.  If you like the results put the energy into a good finish.  If you don’t like them, think about it but don’t be judgmental.

Sun into Leo.   Leo loves Leo.  It loves everyone else too, but it loves everyone more when they love Leo.  Leo is generous, magnanimous, dramatic.  It is the sign of the actor (did I mention dramatic?), the lover, the child.   Leo pitfalls are ego attacks and prima donna behavior; but it gives to others from the heart.  Leo is passionate, enthusiastic and courageous.  Leo wants to have fun and wants you to have fun.  So for Leo’s month, make it a point to play; allow yourself to let your inner kid out that wants to run and jump and dance and maybe be silly and have a really good time.


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