Mercury Retrograde: Stationary retrograde June 26th at 6:08am.

Mercury goes retrograde every four months for about 3 weeks each time.  This time around it’s June 26th to July 20th.  There is usually a shadow time the week prior to going retrograde and the week after it goes direct, when you can feel it coming and going.  Mercury is the communications planet, the messenger.  It affects transportation, movement, thought, language and ambiguity.  When Mercury goes retrograde there is probability of computer issues, phone issues, communication issues-you say one thing, the other person hears something else.  Things get lost-you find your keys in the refrigerator, your glasses in the cup holder in the car.  There are all these annoying little hassles.  But, Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down and do some inner thinking.  Don’t start any new projects, but it’s a good time to finish up what is in progress.  Retrograde planets turn their energy inward.  Turn your communication inward, to you.  Don’t push the envelope, develop some patience. Use the delays to breathe, notice your surroundings, see something special. Give your mind a rest.  This too shall pass.


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