Astrology is not a belief system.  It is based on the science of Astronomy and how the planets interact with each other.  These interactions produce influences that affect everyone in their daily lives.  I have over 20 years of experience as an Astrologer.  During this time my views on the basic interpretations of Astrology and its applications have expanded. I provide information on how planetary influences affect you, right now.  There is no “good or bad” in Astrology.  It is just like life, opportunities and challenges.  Your response to these influences is the key factor.

My specialty is interpreting the transits of the planets in the sky today as they travel across your birth chart through your different houses and how they aspect your natal planets.  We all know when things seem a bit out of kilter, or if we are feeling especially energetic or loving or angry or vulnerable, or just wonder “what is going on?”  Knowing how to work with the different energies of planetary influences will give you a heads up.   I will provide you with knowledge that will give you personal insight, new perspectives, and help you make better and wiser life choices.

I am available for readings via phone or in person.  Transit reports are via email with a phone follow up if desired.  I am also available for parties and events.